About Mackapär and Ulrika

Mackapär is my blog and inspiration site. And also me and my husband’s company, a small and creative engineering firm. We are both engineers by proffession and very passionate about interior decoration and design. In Mackapär we combined that by reviving the Triplex Lamp. The lamp was designed by Johan Petter Johansson (who also invented the adjustable spanner) almost 100 years ago and we made our version of the lamp with the great honour and with lots of hard work and passion and sustainability in mind. I'm very proud that the lamp was locally produced and put together by hand in south Sweden and that it's a piece of engineering history. We made one serie of the lamp and some special editions by assignment. Then came two little boys and we decided they would be the focus and the lamp was put on the shelf. But it will possibly awake again one day, we'll see.

I've also had a print shop for a while, and did two fish prints that I sold there too. I did mobiles and sold via this site. Then I started up Thinkorganic together with 3 friends in 2014, 2 of us are still there. Creative projects are a part of my life.

Far back as I can remember, I've been interested in photography. I started a photo blog in 2007 and that opened my eyes to blogging and the blogging society that I came to love. In 2010 I started interior blogging on Mackapär. I found so much inspiration through blogs and met many great people that are just like me this way. For me it’s also a way of showing my pictures instead of saving them in a big folder in the computer. I value the captured moment that a photo is.

To me, internet is all about the pictures. Webshops sell by images, and styling is a growing business as more and more companies are aware of the great power of a good image. A perfect interior photo can spread via blogs, Pinterest and so on in a crazy way in just minutes. And you reach the whole world. I think that is such an inspiring thought and really cool development that I want to be a part of.
This place has been resting for some years but it's open again, let's see if anyone finds their way. Let me know if you do and I will be happy :)